Accelerant Growth Principles is founded on the belief that is reflected in our name.
Accelerants are specific resources designed to accelerate the results of a desired outcome.

Accelerant Growth Principles’ experienced executives are resources who provide high value for a defined period until the desired outcomes are successfully implemented. Rapidly achieving results is our passion and it is what our clients stand to achieve in partnering with us.

Accelerant Growth Principles seeks clients with specific business challenges that we can work together on with their leadership to accelerate in achieving their objectives. Assisting with our client’s success is the only way we view our success, and our reputation in accomplishing this means everything.



Interim Executive Partner

  • Temporary leadership roles for departed executives or interim needs
  • Strategic initiatives requiring experienced leadership with complementary experience
  • Interim executive partner for assisting leadership teams through challenges or transitions
  • Board experienced executives offering interim or long term advisory counsel

Strategic Growth or
Performance Optimization Initiatives

  • Turnaround or start-up operations
  • Break-through strategies to penetrate markets or remove barriers to growth
  • Strategic & Operations Planning with focus on both immediate & long term results
  • Market & product strategies focusing on long term, sustainable differentiation
  • Sales leadership and organizational effectiveness
  • Overall business lifecycle planning including management of exit/transition objectives
  • Business Process & workflow optimization

Business Acquisition, Divestiture, Merger & Consolidation Implementations

  • Strategies, criteria and tactical execution plans for expansions or consolidations
  • Effective team leadership for diligence and execution of complex transactions
  • Strategy and performance implementations to ensure success while mitigating risks
  • Post-transaction business & organization transition implementations
  • Acquisition/merger integration planning and execution

Leadership Development, Teamwork, Compensation & Success Coaching

  • Organizational effectiveness for individual and collective leadership performance
  • Cross-functional management and organization alignment
  • Organizational culture development designed to create a high performance workforce
  • Performance based incentive programs tied to quantifiable metrics and results
  • Affordable health & wellness programs that yield measurable results
  • Executive organization recruiting and retention best practices
  • Career development and performance management strategies

Manufacturing & Logistics Operational Assessment & Performance Improvement

  • Operational assessment and improvement strategies
  • Comprehensive quality management, engineering, measurement and control initiatives
  • Capacity and production loading analysis, modeling and balancing
  • Effective Order-to-Shipment production scheduling and management strategies
  • Proper design & implementation of relevant Lean Manufacturing practices
  • Shipping & Transportation optimization (internal and external carriers)
  • Inventory management, accuracy and optimization practices
  • Workforce development, management and performance improvement
  • Outsourcing strategies, alternatives, assessment and negotiation
  • Federal and state regulatory compliance best practices

Technology Infrastructure Strategies & Implementation

  • Management information systems infrastructure strategies and development
  • Enterprise system strategies, applications & technologies (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.)
  • Redundancy & disaster recovery planning & implementation
  • Customer engaging technology platforms
  • Outsourcing/Cloud strategies